Unique Vases


This 2pc set of unique vases is molded in metal and covered in a shiny gold outer layer. Both vases have an interesting indentation that gives them a... more info


This beautifully handmade ceramic vase has a seashell design. It is cream colored with a pretty toffee-colored edging. The vase stands 6 inches tall... more info


This "woodsy" looking flower vase is actually an aluminum flower vase covered with authentic wood tree bark scrapings. It's perfect for a summer... more info


These striped gold and silver bud vases are sold as a 2pc set. Quite the bargain for 2 beautiful metallic vases. The colors accent each other and can... more info


This uniquely authentic wood bud vase is actually made from 8 pieces of real tree bark. The vase is not meant to hold water as there is no closure at... more info


This handcrafted set of ceramic flower vases go perfectly together! Each vase is covered in a layering of hammered gold metallic. The larger vase is... more info


This is the perfect Valentine's Day gift! Or just the perfect gift for a loved one at any time! This bright red ceramic vase with a heart cut accent,... more info


This Blue glass bud vase can add some color to any room of the house or desk in the office. Actually, it can double as a pretty pen/pencil holder!... more info


This wide-mouthed ceramic flower vase is uniquely beautiful both because of its color and tone! The color is an interesting blush pink and the tone... more info


This beautiful and interesting ceramic bud vase will surely attract attention. This vase has many deep openings for flower stems and the white... more info